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STARFISH Los Angeles – Trendscout for Editors and Media Outlets


Let us be your digital trend scout! Our trend service provides editors with hot content, including 300dpi high-resolution photos for immediate download.

Editors subscribe to our trendy and effective email newsletter service that provides content that is ready for publishing – FOR FREE! Our trend service is build with the busy editorial office in mind: our research and easy-to-use format saves editors time and will upgrades your content for your readers. Our innovative, ready-to-publish trend tips have editors raving worldwide and were already published in magazines like Instyle, Glamour, Vogue.


STARFISH Los Angeles – Trendmaker for Manufactures, Companies, Marketing


Through our global syndication, we work directly with editorial and photo departments of some of the most respected media outlets all over the world. Manufacturers of trend products as well as marketers and PR professionals can take advantage of our services that deliver tailor-made content directly onto the editor's desk. We have worked as editors ourselves for many years and therefore know exactly what kind of content is required to make it into a magazine.


STARFISH Los Angeles - Interviews & Stories

STARFISH editors interview the most popular celebrities of our time and over the years have built a strong network of connections to some of the most powerful people behind Hollywood's entertainment industry. We are always on the look for fascinating characters that make a compelling story.


STARFISH Los Angeles - Photo Agency & Photo Production


Thanks to our excellent contacts to photo agencies and established entertainment & celebrity photographers around the world, we can provide photo editors with top-quality, often exclusive photos from actors, musicians, and other A-list celebrities. Our photo syndication service caters to outlets worldwide. We organize photo productions, know the best locations in and around Los Angeles, have great deals on local photo studios as well as model agencies, stylists and make-up artists to suit your needs.